Our proven step-by-step approach provides the necessary structure, direction and stakeholder engagement to effectively guide you from early strategic discussions towards the final brand roll-out.

1 — Strategic Discussion
Kickoff and discussion about your goals, ambitions and wishes. Together with all key stakeholders we define who you are, by creating your brands vision.

We provide all the neccesary tools to find your brands true voice — for example stakeholder interviews, workshops, brainstorm sessions, research. In this stage we define your vision, mission and your brands purpose.

All depending on your needs and wishes, we can add various options like naming or copywriting for your payoff and brand manifest.
2 — Discovery
We digest the outcomes of our brand strategy sessions, that serve as the foundation to find your brand's visual personality. We research viable options and sketch routes, cross checking them with core values, target audience and your brand's unique selling points.
By understanding these aspects, the team can shape the visual language to authentically reflect your brand's personality and effectively communicate its essence. 
The outcome of this research and development will be presented to key stakeholders, together with a rationale and discussion about the new visual language.
3 — Design  
We take the knowledge we gained from the Discovery phase and use it to refine and improve the creative solution, including things like the final logo, colours, typography, and overall style.
During this process we interact with you and your stakeholders on a regular basis to work towards our common end goal: your brand's new visual identity that effectively communicates its values and personality to your audience.  
4 — Delivery
In this stage we will — together with you — start delivering and implementing the new visual identity and brand.
This involves the creation and deployment of various brand assets and usable executions. Examples are logo toolkits, brand guidelines, social media templates, templates for print, office and presentations, packaging designs, signage, motion assets, website design or a brand launch campaign.
We will guide you in this process and be available for art direction and advice during the brand roll-out when necessary.

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