The Studio

We are FormFactor Studio, a boutique brand design agency located in Amsterdam. With over 15 years of experience in branding and design, we bring a unique perspective to every project. We have worked on both the client and agency sides, gaining valuable insights into creating impactful brands.

The Team

At FormFactor Studio, our dedicated core team of brand experts collaborates with trusted freelance specialists from our network. This allows us to scale our team to meet the specific needs of each project and client, delivering customised solutions that exceed expectations. And by keeping the team compact, we are able to reduce traditional 'agency' overhead costs. 

What We Do

To craft captivating and memorable brand identities that leave a lasting impression we will challenge you in the process. By asking the right questions, that make you think. By developing inspiring solutions, that help you achieve your brand’s objectives. 


Whether you're a startup looking to launch yourself into the market or an established business in need of a transformative rebrand, we are here to guide you on an exciting journey to amplify your ambition.